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I thought that it was about time to bring you all some more news of this years rally, but also for the 2023 rally!

I know we are still just over 100 days until the start of the 2022 rally, here at VBR HQ, we move in ever increasing circles and seeing that the majority of organising and arranging the events is done by one person (John McGowan) sometimes a LOT of forward planning is needed.

Before we move onto 2023, I just wanted to put a few things out there about 2022 first.

The registration for the 2022 rally, will close at 1700hrs on Monday 20th June 2022 with NO EXCEPTION after this time. This is due to having to notify our ferry company of numbers and types of vehicles etc for the journey in September.

The 20th June 2022 is also the final date for payments / balances to be paid for the 2022 rally and anyone missing this payment date will forfeit their place on the rally in line with our refund policy as stated in all our paperwork etc.

We currently are holding details of 53 teams taking part in the rally, with a total of 26 teams paid up fully. Once balances are paid, the teams will then be sent their sticker packs for their vehicles.

I would also, at this point like to thank our wonderful sponsors, KNO Defence Systems, Sterling Insurance, Aber Falls Distillery and Moor Mindful. Without these wonderful sponsors, we would simply not be able to carry on with the rally.

Moving onto the bit a lot of you have been waiting for.......

The route proposed (but still open for final approval/tweeks) as designed by seasoned European traveller Peter Richardson, will be as follows

Monday 25th September

Dover (DFDS) to Dunkerque and onwards through France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany to overnight in Trier.

Tuesday 26th September

Depart Trier, Germany for Thun in Switzerland.

Thun is very picturesque set on an alpine river with a good bar scene.

Wednesday 27th September

Depart Thun and heading off over the alpine passes, including the Great St. Bernard Pass to Sauze d'Oulx in Italy. At the top of the St Bernard pass are a number of souvenir stalls, a cafe and coffee stalls. Sauze is a great small town, usually a winter ski resort with a large central car park and bars.

Thursday 28th September

Sauze d'Oulx to Perpignan France.

Friday 29th September

Perpignan to party town, Benidorm.

Saturday 30th September

Benidorm to Gibraltar.

This route will be approximately 2140 - 2228miles

With this being a longer, better route I feel that coupled with the current rise in costs to everyone, including the 2nd had car market, the price cap will be set at £1500 to purchase a vehicle for the 2023 rally.

Rally entry will be £300 across the board for all teams to enter.

However there will be a £50 early booker discount for anyone placing a deposit of £100 BEFORE 1st August 2022.

Again, we will be limited to the amount of vehicles we can allow on the rally and this limit will be 65 standard cars and 5 service vehicles/vans.

If anyone would like more information on either the 2022 or 2023 rally, please feel free to get in touch via email at or via our website at

Stay safe and enjoy the summer.

Kindest of regards


On Behalf of the VBR22 and VBR23

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