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Appeal to support a Chelsea Pensioner

A massive thankyou to all our subscribers and followers of the Veterans Banger Rally.

As the organiser of the rally, I have a personal request to ask each and every one of you.

A few weeks ago, one of our gentlemen Trevor Rafferty, a Chelsea Pensioner residing at the Royal Hospital Chelsea in London, bought a car to take part in this years rally to help raise funds for several charities, including the Royal Hospital itself, the Gurkha Association and also our nominated charity for 2023, The Blind Veterans UK.

However, after purchasing a vehicle from a garage with enough MOT on it to see it through to the end of the 2023 rally along with an assurance from the garage that the car was "more than capable of making the trip", Trevor was told by a second garage that checked over the car for him, that it was badly corroded and would require extensive welding that would cost well in excess of £1000 of work to just get the car up to a safe and reliable standard for the trip from the UK to Gibraltar.

Trevor decided that as he was already over £550 out of pocket for the purchase of the vehicle, that he would scrap and withdraw from the rally.

Trevor, in his "second flush of his youth", is a former member of the Royal Artillery still feels that he has so much more to give and judging by his efforts and camaraderie on the 2022 rally, it would be such a shame to lose one of the "Rally Characters" due to a purchase of such a vehicle that has lead to this outcome.

I am therefore asking if anyone out there reading this can help in any way to get Trevor back into the rally.

This could be

  • Donating a vehicle up to the value of £999 (I know its a big ask)

  • Offering mechanical services to work on any car that Trevor can lay his hands on

  • Offer transport services if needed

  • Support Trevor and the charities he is supporting financially

  • Anything else you can do to help

  • By sharing this appeal to anyone that you know and also on any social media platforms that you are on.

Trevor, as previously mentioned is based at the Royal Hospital Chelsea in London and any support close to home would be gratefully appreciated, however we are willing to hear from anyone that can support one of our own veterans in his attempt to help others.

If you have any contacts within the wider media, such as newspapers, online media, TV or radio, I am sure that between us we can.

Lets try and get this wonderful gentleman and his appeal, to go viral and show the UK and even the world, that we can come together to help one of our own.

If anyone is able to help Trevor to get "back in the rally", please feel free to email him directly at

Thank you from me personally and I hope that we can all come together and make this happen.

Cheers all



For further information on the rally in general, feel free to check out our website at or look for us on the socials

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