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Veterans Banger Rally 2022

The Veterans Banger Rally 2022, is as the name suggests, an organised event, bringing together Veterans from all areas of the Armed Forces, that share a common goal of driving a clapped-out banger via 1500+ mile route to Gibraltar, in a bid to raise funds for charity.

Veterans Banger Rally 2022

Time & Location

12 Sept, 09:00 BST – 17 Sept, 23:00 BST

Dover, Dover, UK

About the Event

COST : £300 per team

The whole event is being arranged and co-ordinated by MAC Auto Challenges. 

  • 1500+ mile drive from the UK to Gibraltar
  • £500 maximum spend on your vehicle.
  • (Veterans / Serving Armed Forces personnel)
  • Calais, Le Mans, Pau, Valencia, Malaga, Gibraltar

The older and more knackered the car, the better. Cover the rust and cracks with stickers and “gaffa tape” and away we go…….

Test your car and your sanity whilst driving through some of the most beautiful roads that France and Spain have to offer.

A party atmosphere is almost guaranteed with around 100 teams driving the route from Dover to Gibraltar in stupid looking cars.

The idea is quite a simple one………..

• Buy a vehicle for £500 or less

• Customise to your hearts desire

• Drive it from point to point in the UK

• Obtain sponsorship for your chosen charity (military or non military)

Other things to consider.

• £300 entry fee per team *

• Vehicle must be fully insured for all drivers

• Vehicle must have valid tax and in date MOT

• Team can consist of either 2,3 or 4 people.

• Advisable to hold some form of breakdown recovery.

What do I get for my entry fee?

• List of rules and regulations.

• Single ferry crossing from Dover to Calais

• Decal pack for your vehicle (More can be purchased from our supplier)

• 1 x plaque for your vehicle 

• Event insurance (Not car insurance)

• A small amount towards the upkeep of the new website

• A donation towards our nominated charity.

• Admin fee

• Medals for all participants

• Certificates for all teams

• Spot Prizes 

• Prize money for best car (top 3)

Do we have to raise funds for charity?

No, you do not have to raise funds as a percentage of the entry fee for the event will go to our nominated charity, SSAFA

You are more than welcome to raise funds for a charity of your choice by obtaining sponsorship or you can further fundraise for our nominated charity. (More information on request to fundraise for SSAFA)

Dates and Route

Monday 12th September

  • 1000-2030 – Premier Inn, Dover Central

Tuesday 13th September

  • 0900-1000 Late Registration
  • 12noon-1300 – depart Dover for Calais.
  • 1300-1400 – Hypermarket for “essential supplies”
  • 1400 (Approx) Depart Calais for Le Mans

Wednesday 14th September

  • Le Mans to Pau

Thursday 15th September

  • Pau to Valencia

Friday 16th September

  • Valencia to Malaga

Saturday 17th September

  • Malaga to Gibraltar

Sunday 18th September

  • 12noon - Endex

Vehicles can be scrapped via our nominated scrap dealer if you wish to fly home.

***you are responsible for booking and paying for your own accommodation. ***

Will we receive backup and support on the route?

You need to remember; this is a challenge event with NO technical support teams in massive transporters to help you along. This is NOT F1!!!

You are on your own, but due to the nature of the event, you will never be left behind……….. (We Hope)

Where do we stand legally?

There are obviously rules to abide by and you must always carry certain documentation and equipment with you such as a valid driving license, Hi Vis Vests etc. (See for more up to date requirements on European driving)

Registration for the event, every team member will sign an agreement to accept the rules and regulations set down by the organisers and a disclaimer which will indemnify the organisers of any legal recourse.

As with many Banger Rallies, this is standard procedure.

Please be aware of the rules of the road in each of the counties that we visit.

Rules :

We must adhere to the local and national laws of the countries /  area(s) that we are passing through. 

Please respect speed limits and make yourself aware of them.

Don’t worry about the rules, JUST OBEY THEM!

The organisers of the event have the right to remove any team at any time prior to, or during the rally without notice for breaking the rules or behaviour unbecoming or that causes, or is likely to cause upset, distress or danger to anyone, any third party or potential to damage any property etc

This is a charity “Banger Rally” NOT a “Demolition Derby”

Please remember that WE are representatives of Her Majesties Armed Forces and as veterans, we have a duty of care and respect to ourselves and others.

Booking and payment

You can book your place by purchasing a ticket

If you want to avoid any PayPal Fees', you can pay by bank transfer:

Payment can be made via direct bank transfer.

account  : Co-Operative Bank PLC

Account  : 69964462

Sort Code  : 08-92-99

Account name  : John McGowan T/A Mac Banger Rallies

When Paying via bank transfer, you MUST put your name and date of event required as a reference

All accounts will be held by MAC Auto Challenges and are closely controlled by the company accountant.

Team Numbers

Team numbers will be issued by the admin and run consecutively. 

If you require a “Special or relevant number”, ie 01, 007, 69 etc etc these requests will incur a £10 admin fee* which will go direct to our nominated charity.

*This £10 fee must be paid at time of booking and will be added to your deposit

Other costs to factor into the rally 

• Cost of your chosen vehicle (must be less than £500)

• Vehicle Insurance

• European Breakdown Cover (Highly recommended)

• Fuel

• Food and Drink

• Accommodation (As previously stated)


The most important piece of kit – The vehicle

The vehicle should be as old and powerless as you have the guts to drive, the greater the risk, the higher the reward……

We will operate a Points system per team, every team starts with 500.

Points can be added and deducted as the organisers see fit for such things as party games won or helping others or even deducted for such things as getting a flat tyre, breaking down, failing a challenge, being a grumpy old git and going to bed before 9pm, stuff like that!!!

In addition to the starting 500 points the following points will be added :

Year of Vehicle Registration 

Prior 1990 (H Reg) = +250 Points

1991-1995 (J to N Reg) = +150 Points

1996 –2000 (P to X Reg) = +75 Points

2001 – 2005 (Y to 55 reg) = Zero Points

2006 onwards (06 onwards) = MINUS 500 Points.

Engine Size (cc)

1000cc or Less = +250 Points

1001-1399cc = +150 Points

1400-1699cc = +100 Points

1700-2199cc = Zero Points

2200cc and above = MINUS 250 Points 

There will also be lots of challenges and games to enable your team to gain more points along the route.

In addition to this, we have just announced that if anyone is brave enough to carry out the event (and finish) in a 3-wheeler (ie robin reliant etc) they will receive an EXTRA 500 points bonus for having the balls to do it!

Prizes at the end of the rally (£ Amount TBC)

Trophies, bubbly, and certificates for the following;

• Best vehicle/team (1st, 2nd & 3rd)

• Team with the highest points total (1st, 2nd & 3rd)

• Spirit of the event award (One only)

We actively encourage EVERYONE taking part to decorate their vehicle as this is huge part of the event, some people may go a bit overboard and some may just put a few stickers on the car……. Both ends of the scale are ok with us.

Fancy Dress is encouraged and the wackier the better.

When it comes to decorating your vehicles, please be mindful of others and the following, whilst not banned, could be deemed as tasteless by some, (Especially in Europe)

• Politics

• Impersonating a Police vehicle (or any other emergency vehicle). This includes the use of blue or green lights as local police WILL STOP YOU, FINE YOU AND REMOVE THE LIGHTS!

• Replica (or real) weapons

• Swearing in any language written on your vehicle

• Sexual themes

• Anything protruding from the vehicles that could endanger or harm individuals or other vehicles. (ie, no gladiator spikes on the wheels – We’ve all seen Top Gear!!)


Pre-registration online prior to the event, you will need to provide the following information

• A copy of a valid driving license for all drivers

• A copy of valid Insurance for the vehicle (Can be done just before the rally)

• A copy of the V5C for the vehicle in the owner’s name (Green slips not allowed)

• A copy of a valid MOT certificate for the vehicle. (Valid for the duration of the Rally)

Will I be given Route Maps?

You will NOT be given detailed route maps as we believe that participants will want to work out your own routes. (it’s more fun that way!!)

It is advisable to travel in groups or convoys.

In the past, CB radios have been used to communicate between vehicles (and are good fun too). These can be purchased relatively inexpensively online.

Will there be a mandatory breathalyser before each day?

You will be advised to carry out your own risk assessments when it comes to driving your vehicle.

You will be advised (as on the previous page) to bring with you, some disposable breathalysers for you to utilise prior to driving.


You are all old enough and ugly enough to make your own decisions.



As previously mentioned, you are responsible for booking and paying for your own hotels.

It may be an idea to chat with other teams on our Facebook group (Confirmed teams) (a link will be forwarded to you once you book.))

so that you can discuss which hotels others are staying in also.

Refund Policy:

• Withdraw / cancel your entry within 180 days of departure and you will receive the option of either a full refund (Minus £49 admin fee) or transfer to one of our other events.

• Withdraw / cancel your entry within 120 days of departure and you will receive the option of either a 50% refund (Minus £49 admin fee) 

• Withdraw / cancel your entry less than 119 days of departure and you will receive no refund; however, your fee will be transferred to our charity pot for our nominated charity.





  • Deposit


    +£2.50 Service fee

    The mandatory deposit to secure your place on the rally. Note, the buyer is responsible for all PayPal fee's


    +£2.50 Service fee



  • Final Balance


    +£5 Service fee

    This is the final balance payment for the rally, only use this one if you have already paid your deposit.


    +£5 Service fee



  • Full Payment


    +£7.50 Service fee

    If you are ready to go and just want to pay the full amount, the please select this ticket


    +£7.50 Service fee





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