This Is Our Story

Imagine if a group of Ex Forces Veterans bonded over a jaunt that would span Europe,  in a car costing no more than £500.

You start with 500 points, the older the car and the lower the engine size, the more points you get. We all know that points mean prizes!


Oh, and did we mention that there are points up for the team theme and car design?

We have some immense fun, build memories for life and at the same time raising money for some of our beloved charities.


Imagine no more!

"Camaraderie of “back in the day”….. The event is set to become one of the biggest and fastest growing banger rallies around and is set to support many service based charities over the coming years. Going back to that guy with PTSD and Depression. That guy is me and this is my dream.


John McGowan (Ex Royal Navy)"


Do we have to raise funds for charity?


Most teams raise funds for charity; however, this is NOT compulsory as a percentage of the entry fee for the event will go to our nominated charity, SSAFA.

We would also ask though, that if you are intending to raise funds for charity, that the first £100 of your fundraising goes directly to SSAFA.

(More information on request to fundraise for SSAFA)


A “Veterans Euro Bash” or “Banger Rally” is as the name suggests, an organised event, bringing together Veterans from all areas of the Armed Forces, that share a common goal of driving a clapped-out banger via 1500+ mile challenging around Europe in a bid to raise funds for charity.


The older and more knackered the car, the better. Cover the rust and cracks with stickers and “gaffa tape” and away we go…….

Test your car and your sanity whilst driving through some of the most beautiful roads that France and Spain have to offer.

A party atmosphere is almost guaranteed with around 100 teams driving the route from Dover to Gibraltar in stupid looking cars.


The idea is quite a simple one………..

  • Buy a vehicle for £500 or less

  • Customise to your hearts desire

  • Drive it from point to point in the UK

  • Obtain sponsorship for your chosen charity (military or non military)


Other things to consider.


  • £300 entry fee per team *

  • Vehicle must be fully insured for all drivers

  • Vehicle must have valid tax and in date MOT

  • Team can consist of either 2,3 or 4 people.

  • Advisable to hold some form of breakdown recovery.


What do I get for my entry fee?


  • List of rules and regulations.

  • Single ferry crossing from Dover to Calais

  • Decal pack for your vehicle (More can be purchased from our supplier)

  • 1 x plaque for your vehicle

  • Event insurance (Not car insurance)

  • A small amount towards the upkeep of the new website

  • A donation towards our nominated charity.

  • Admin fee

  • Medals for all participants

  • Certificates for all teams

  • Spot Prizes

  • Prize money for best car (top 3)