This Is Our Story

Imagine if a group of Ex Forces Veterans bonded over a jaunt that would span Europe,  in a car costing no more than £500.

You start with 500 points, the older the car and the lower the engine size, the more points you get. We all know that points mean prizes!


Oh, and did we mention that there are points up for the team theme and car design?

We have some immense fun, build memories for life and at the same time raising money for some of our beloved charities.


Imagine no more!

"Camaraderie of “back in the day”….. The event is set to become one of the biggest and fastest growing banger rallies around and is set to support many service based charities over the coming years. Going back to that guy with PTSD and Depression. That guy is me and this is my dream.


John McGowan (Ex Royal Navy)"

Memorial Poppies