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A madcap idea combining adventure and at the same time, raising some fantastic money for charities. 


The Veterans rally or commonly known as the VBR is the brainchild of an old sweaty sailor, whom some would say spent far too long at sea!

What is VBR?

Teams of veterans, 1500+ miles in a banger worth less than £1000

What could go wrong??

The Veterans Banger Rally or VBR for short is basically an excuse for veterans and serving members of our armed forces to come together and enjoy the "Back in the Day" feeling that some may have lost since joining civvy street.

  • Get a team together of 2,3 or 4 people 

  • As long as there is at least one veteran or serving member per team, the other team members can be made up of family/friends of said veteran/serving member.

  • Teams completely made up of veterans/serving members also allowed

  • Buy a vehicle for £999 or less (It can be done)

  • Decorate / Customise that vehicle

  • Drive to Dover for the mass crossing to Calais.

  • Dunkirk - Rouen - Poiters - Pau - Zaragoza - Benidorm - Malaga - Gibraltar

  • Simply scrap the car and fly home OR take part in the "Top Gear Style" race back to Blighty

  • Take your time and have a driving holiday back through Europe.

  • Raise funds for charity at the same time.


For more information and a booking form, simply contact us via our contact page or email

We look forward to seeing you!

Meet the Mad Matlo!

"Camaraderie of “back in the day”….. The event is set to become one of the biggest and fastest-growing banger rallies around and is set to support many service-based charities over the coming years. Going back to that guy with PTSD and Depression.


That guy is me and this is my dream!

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